My Review Of Kinetic Attraction From Adam Lyons

Kinetic Attraction is a new online training academy by World Famous dating coach Adam Lyons. In this training, Adam shows ordinary guys like you or I how to use the evolutionary science of body language to trigger uncontrollable attraction in women.

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Because the methods, techniques and principles taught are designed to be undetectable, they result in zero chance of rejection. That doesn’t mean they are not immensely powerful.

In fact, they are so powerful that even the hottest women will find themselves feeling an uncontrollable attraction trigger that will literally have them approaching you as if they are being pulled in my a tractor beam.

What is great, is they will usually ask you a question to verify if what you are laying down is real… but it is an innocent question such as directions of the time.

How you respond is critical to answer to her that yes, you are the guy she senses you are and can now continue to pursue you. And don’t worry Adam explains exactly the right way and the wrong way to answer that innocent questions.

Do it right and she will soon be following you home like a puppy in love, do it wrong and she will quickly exit the situation, leaving you alone and confused.

Yes the Kinetic Attraction principles are that powerful.

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And it isn’t just about body language, Adam covers everything from escaping the friend zone, bringing home multiple women, getting the “Ice Queen” attracted to you, managing relationships, and even how to apply the principles he shares to online dating.

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If I had to pick one training system or method that covers everything a man needs to get incredible success with women, Kinetic Attraction is by far the one I would recommend.

In addition to the core Kinetic Attraction training modules, there are five welcome bonuses that will catapult your success with women. In addition to that, there are two extra bonus video modules that complement the entire course. These are surprises, so I won’t reveal them here, but you will be pleasantly surprised.

Lastly, you get access to the Body Language Academy where Adam and one of his two girlfriends share with you his most advanced body language techniques to create red hot attraction in every women you meet.

Consider that the guys who went to this live training where all VIP customers who spent between $8,000 and $20,000 per seat, the cost to join this video training at only $69 is an incredible bargain. All of the videos are filmed in HD and the editing is professional. It is literally like you are there, except you are saving thousands and thousands of dollars.

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