The PE Bible Reviews. Are They a Scam or Legit?

There are thousands of sites and even videos with information about the efficacy of The Penis Enlargement Bible. The reality is, most of the people who wrote (or filmed) these have never even tried the method shown in the book.

So right off the bat, the space is filled with information that may or may not be accurate.

OK so who should you look to for accurate information on the PE Bible?

I personally like videos as they are easy to watch and you can tell if it is a real person or just someone throwing up a website. Full video with the Penis Enlargement Bible review.

Of course I made my own post about the PE Bible here.

For example, the video in that post above – does a great job actually explaining exactly what to expect if you were to invest in the training provided by the PE Bible.

There are many sites that are good, it’s not just all a bunch of people who know nothing about the book. For example, I really like this site: . It gets straight to the point and also shares the video that I recommended earlier.

So give that a look, it’s worth checking out.

Remember, this is not a pill or any other thing like a contraption to elongate your penis. It is a natural method to enlarge your penis and it is permanent.