What Causes Low Testosterone

Let’s Talk About Low Testosterone

Testosterone is something that declines in males after age 30. As a male ages the bodily functions normally slow down. However, in addition to age there can be other causes of low testosterone in the male.

In some cases, too much iron within the can affect testosterone levels. An abundance of iron in the blood can cause a drop in testosterone levels. In addition, any disease related to the kidney can cause a significant decline in testosterone levels.

Certain diseases of the lung can also cause testosterone levels in the male to decline. Diseases such as lung cancer can cause a large drop in male testosterone levels.

Obesity in males can result in lowered amounts of testosterone in the male. Obesity can affect several organs within the body. When a person is obese the excess weight can cause bodily functions to work inefficiently. Therefore, the end result may be a significant decrease in testosterone levels.

Heart disease can have a dramatic effect on testosterone levels. Heart disease may include heart failure as well as an enlarge heart. In addition, medications used to treat heart disease can alter the production and or secretion of male hormones within the body.

Excessive alcohol or drug consumption will lower testosterone levels. Any male who consumes excessive amounts of alcohol on a regular basis can alter testosterone levels. Alcohol effects various part of the body and it can be quite harmful over prolonged period of time.

Drugs when taken recreationally can have dramatic effects on the entire body. Drugs can not only effect male libido but they also can cause decreased liver function as well as lowering testosterone levels.

There are a variety of things that cause decreased testosterone levels. If testosterone levels are significantly low there are alternatives and options that are available to a male.

Some Common testosterone-moleculeOptions To Boost Testosterone

Physicians can administer testosterone shots which will help increase male testosterone levels. Testosterone shots are administered over a period of weeks or months. As testosterone levels begin to increase the person should begin to feel better. Increased energy may be a sign that testosterone levels are returning to normal. The physician will conduct tests to determine weather or not testosterone levels in the male are returning to a normal range.

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Some physicians may be reluctant to offer testosterone replacement therapy. A great deal would depend upon how badly the lowered testosterone levels are effecting the persons life. Once a determination is made the physician will work out a treatment plan with the patient.

Sometimes by modifying lifestyle can help testosterone levels to increase naturally. Losing weight, giving up alcohol and quitting smoking can all help to balance testosterone levels without resorting to replacement therapy.

There are also supplements on the market that claim to boost testosterone levels in the male. Weather or not these supplements are effective remain to be seen. However, it is always worth at least trying a supplement to see if favorable results are achieved. Supplements can be obtained at almost any health food outlet.