Finally, The Ingredients In Erect on Demand In A Simple Powder Form

In the past, we have definitely recommended Josh Harding’s Erect on Demand product for guys who are experiencing the first few stages of ED. What’s great about it is it is a natural remedy, made from healthy ingredients, and it also works. What is not great about it, is it is a bit hard to not only find the ingredients but also to process them in the right amounts. While not super difficult, it is a bit hard to find everything the first time you make it.

So with that being said, here is Erect on Demand in a pre-mixed powder:

Here is a great video showing someone consume this brew from Peru and enjoying the benefits.

Watch all the videos in this playlist to help decide if Erect on Demand is for you.

Remember, because you also get the EOD book with the Peruvian Brew product, it just makes sense to order the Peruvian Brew as it is the best of both worlds.